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Salary packaging offers benefits to both businesses and employees. Organisations who provide the flexibility for employees to bring their own device or to work from home see the greatest benefits.

What is Salary Packaging?

Salary packaging happens when an employee chooses to sacrifice part of their pre-tax wage in return for a product or service provided by their employer. A product or service provided by the employer is classified by the Australian Taxation Office as a Fringe Benefit and a salary packaging arrangement is most effective when the products provided in lieu of cash wages are Fringe Benefit Tax exempt. A Fringe Benefit Tax exemption applies for portable electronic devices that are for work related use.

The Harvey Norman Salary Packaging Program gives you access to these portable electronic devices with a simple and fast approval process for both the employer and the employee. We have developed a seamless salary packaging solution that provides financial benefits for employees while reducing employer operating costs. Everyone benefits!

Like to know more?

Download our Corporate Salary Packaging brochure PDF or call us on 1800 022 116 and one of our salary packaging specialists will guide you through the process.

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